If you’re looking for a peacefully place to stay, whether you like enjoying nature or the sound of the sea, fresh shellfish or just be far away from the modern world, come and enjoy the Caribbean as you never imagined before.

We want to show you how to live a life experience at Isla Tijereto that you’ll never forget.




It’s easy to get there!

Isla Tijereto is only 45 minutes away from Cartagena by boat. There are different kinds of boats and prices, however, the easiest and less expensive way is to get there by taking a boat at 7 am from Monday through Saturdays at Bazurto bay.

Estimated price per person: $30.000 pesos (US$13.00 aprox).


At Bazurto market you can buy big bags of ice before you sail to the Island. The boat owner usually helps you buy the ice and loads it to de boat.
There are several igloo freezers for your service. Ice can last up to five days and if you need more you can ask for it to the house keeper who will help you buy more.

Shopping before sailing

Get everything you believe you’ll require at an island like food, drinks, personal hygiene items, batteries and a flashlight.
At the Island you can get just basic items.

House keep

There is a house keeper that will cook and clean for you for $25.000 pesos per day (US$15.00 Aprox).

• For extra money she will assist you with your kids.



Incredible resting time

Get pleasure at very comfortable hammocks nearby the sea and rest below the trees.

Soft waves and the sound of the breeze makes this moment the perfect opportunity to relax and get entirely away from the world.

Breathe nature

The dinning room is situated at an open space surrounded by plants and region scenery.

Enjoy your meals in a space that allows you to feel in a world created by inspiration and beauty.

Open sea aquarium

The Rosario Island Aquarium is located 15 minutes away from Isla Tijereto and its one of the prettiest open sea aquariums in South America.

The aquarium has improved its infrastructure so it can provide a fun and educative experience to its visitors.


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