Welcome to Isla Tijereto, an ecological house at a Rosario island, only 45 minutes away from Cartagena, Colombia.
We want to offer you the most peaceful vacations in harmony with nature.

Isla Tijereto is a house with a private dock, terrace, hammocks and suntans that will allow you to experience the most delightful and quiet vacations next to the ocean.

Plus, for those who love water sports we have a rowing boat and contacts with diving schools.

Designed in the fifty’s, our house is 100% self-sostensible. Due to its strategic location, the house receives the south winds all day long as well as a cool breeze from the north.

It also has a water system that filters rain so the house has fresh, crystal water the whole year.

Finally, we do not have electric plants, we consider they pollute the environment and are loud, so we use gas lamps.


Exquisite food

Natives will fish for you and you will experience the finest plates from the Caribbean Sea, such as Sawfish, bluegill, Red snappers, Snails, Oysters, and even fresh lobsters at a very reasonable price.

Enjoy biodiversity

Hundreds of sea species are waiting for you to join them on the best adventure ever. Dive and swim within squids, goldfish, sea stars, and different kinds of corals. You can also visit the sea aquarium only 15 minutes away from the island.

Picture Landscape

Rosario is the island on the horizon. Its been protected by the government and is home for thousands of spices that build the biodiversity of this natural paradise.
This picture was taken from the backside of Isla Tijereto, fifty meters away from the house you’ll stay in.


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