Snorkel at the island’s corals

Rosario Islands are full of life. Swim near hundreds of species at any of the snorkel places you’ll find around the island.

This experience makes you realize how important it is to protect this fragile environment.



An exotic dock like this one is all you really need to get a perfect tan. Even if you think is weird, don’t be surprised if a boat came near to you and offers you an exquisite fresh lobster cocktail down the sun, You don’t want to miss it!

Visit the enchanted lagoon

In the evening you can visit the enchanted lagoon in which the activities of millions of microscopic organisms like the Lingulodinium polyderum or dinoflagelados shine when disturbed.


Sailing around the island

La casa cuenta con un bote de remos que te permitirá explorar los alrededores y las islas cercanas. No olvides llevar el equipo de snorkel! Nunca sabes qué puedes encontrar a la "vuelta de la esquina".

Exquisite food

Natives will fish for you and you will experience the finest plates from the Caribbean Sea, such as Sawfish, bluegill, Red snappers, Snails, Oysters, and even fresh lobsters at a very reasonable price.

Picture Landscape

Rosario is the island on the horizon. Its been protected by the government and is home for thousands of spices that build the biodiversity of this natural paradise.

This picture was taken from the backside of Isla Tijereto, fifty meters away from the house you’ll stay in.


Incredible resting time

Get pleasure at very comfortable hammocks nearby the sea and rest below the trees.

Soft waves and the sound of the breeze makes this moment the perfect opportunity to relax and get entirely away from the world.

Breathe nature

The dining room is situated at an open space surrounded by plants and region scenery. Enjoy your meals in a space that allows you to feel in a world created by inspiration and beauty.

Open sea aquarium

The Rosario Island Aquarium is located 15 minutes away from Isla Tijereto and its one of the prettiest open sea aquariums in South America.

The aquarium has improved its infrastructure so it can provide a fun and educative experience to its visitors.

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